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Jewish Home is the world of contemporary Judaica and decor. It brings the Jewish tradition of high esthetics and dignity to your Jewish home, highlighting the flavor and atmosphere of your festive moments and meals. Our collection covers the entire cycle of the Jewish year and offers a wide variety of colors and motifs in several ranges of unique utility items and toys.

Jewish Home products are made in Prague, where also the idea to establish the Jewish Home project came to existence. In the city stretching on the banks of the Vltava river, full of beauty and history.

The cradle of the Jewish Home project is the thousand-year history of the local Jewish community, surrounded by its Fates - synagogues of breathtaking beauty, built over hundreds of years, and Mother - our desire to offer customers a wide selection of household utensils, glassware, ceramics and textiles, to make our traditions not only wise, but also beautiful. Jewish Home gives ancient Jewish holidays and traditions a modern guise. We drew inspiration from colorful and glowing arches of the Jerusalem Synagogue, we borrowed a little shine from evening waves of the Vltava river, added dignity radiating from majestic walls of the Old-new synagogue and chipped away several ornate curls from the facade of the Jewish Town Hall. Golem himself passed the know-how of customer care to us, hurrying his way down a dim alley in Josefov on a Friday evening. All our products are originals and are made exclusively in the Czech Republic. If you wish to change color or motif of a specific product, do not hesitate to contact us, we will customize the product for you.

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